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DK Percussion offers professional quality major and minor percussion repair services. Anything ranging from a simple loose screw, to a major timpani overhaul, there is a chance it can be done and done right! Listed below are not only a few projects undertaken by Daniel Kirkpatrick, but a list of services offered. If you have an issue with a piece of equipment and a service below does not match your needs, please ask about it. While these services are aimed at Georgia, South and North Carolina surrounding area public schools, individual service is available as well. As always, timpani and bass drum mallet rewrapping and repair is always available. Please contact Daniel for rates and free estimates or to set up an appointment at

A "portfolio" of a few past projects:
Musser M-55 Vibraphone Motor replacement and modifications
Refurbishing Projects (Rogers, Gretsch, Ludwig)
Custom Drums (Boobams, Snare Drum)
Timpani Bowl Replacement - Project Frank(enstein)

DK Percussion Projects Site - More past projects.

With access to a full repair and machine shop, all repairs can be done with the proper tools and at a professional quality. Some projects that are not documented while done in the shop have included machining new parts for a Hinger Touch-Tone timpani, making threaded steel crosses for quad-pod stands, rethreading and straightening of a bent timpani tension rod and numerous other small tasks.

Possible Examples of Repair Services Offered

Head replacement and tuning (and fine tuning)
Complete overhauls
Removal of dents
Part replacement and or reconditioning
Bowl lip lubrication (Teflon spray or tape)
General cleaning
Caster replacement
Custom modifications

Chain timpani conversion

Head replacement and tuning
Hoop replacement
Bent tension rod straightening
Bearing edge repair or new edges
Shell repairs (including ethnic drums)
Chrome cleaning
General cleaning
Vintage refurbishing

Bass Drum:
Head replacement and tuning
Stand repairs
Re hanging on Abel-style stands
Cracked hoop repair and refinishing

Snare Drum:
Snare replacements
Throw-off replacement/repair
Dent removal
Part replacement/upgrades
Custom modifications (snare beds)

Hi-hat rod straightening
Thread re tapping
Re threading
Rubber feet and felt replacement
Chrome cleaning
Dent removal
Tube straightening
Rivet replacement
Spike sharpening
Spot welding
Caster replacement  

Bar replacement
Re stringing
Part replacement
Frame rebuilding
Caster replacement
Resonator dent removal
New keyboard pins

Motor replacement
Control box replacement/repair
Custom machined pulleys
Felt bar replacement
Pedal repair/modifications

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