Musser M-55 Vibraphone Motor Replacement and Modifications

This older model Musser M-55 Vibraphone needed a motor replacement. Since the particular model motor that was needed was unavailable, this project involved rewiring a new controller box with all new electronic parts. A mercury switch was replaced with a safer, more reliable toggle switch. In the end, the vibraphone appeared the same as it did before with the addition of a custom made cord wrapper.

DK Percussion Custom Built Vibraphone Motors and Controllers

Musser M-55 Vibes motor replacement:

Control box was rebuilt to handle newer motor. Notice this control box goes to 11... Actually it should read 0 to 10, since setting "1" is off, or no resonator movement. This is an advantage; no switch needs to be activated during a performance. This was a result of a new potentiometer and motor controller being used. Note the new power toggle switch.

Musser M-55 mercury power switch:

Old M-55s used a mercury power switch - both unreliable and unsafe. If your control box has a knob for the power supply, you most likely have a mercury switch and should have it replaced immediately.

Musser M-55 new control box (backside):

A new power cord was added to ground the new motor and controller. The old control box was kept in tact.

Musser M-55 custom cord wrap:
A oak cord wrap was added to the frame for safer storage of the electrical cord. (No more kinks in the cord.)

Musser M-55 side view:

The new motor required very little modification to the frame.

Musser M-55 top view:

The new motor, control box and cord wrap look great!

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