Custom Drums

Below are some examples of drums built for specific purposes. Custom made drums are by request only and priced accordingly. Many questions have arised regarding custom Boobams - simply email an inquiry and we will discuss your needs! Average turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.

Custom Concert Snare Drum

A 14x6.5 10 ply maple shell was veneered with bird's eye maple. Black chrome tube lugs and chrome die-cast hoops with machined tension rods are used for ut-most quality.

Black Swamp cable snares were added with a Nickle Works strainer. Very deep snare beds to allow the cable snares to hug the bearing edge make this drum very sensitive to dynamic changes.

A Earthtone skin head was added to complete the sound. A custom made badge was added and this drum gets used very often! It can been seen in performance at YouTube.



Boobams, also known commercially as "octabons" were originally made from bamboo (notice bam-boo, boo-bams) that was about 4-6" in diameter with skin tacked on. The pitch was determined by the length of pipe. Here a 4" sewer pipe was used and cut to specific lengths using a capped-cylinder formula to determine pitch.

A mounting system had to be devised in order to put the boobams at a playable position while being adjustable for both angle and height. Blocks were cut from wood and drilled 9 times: 1 hole for a cymbal stand, 8 for threaded rods to insert. The rods were than put into the side of the 4" pipe and tightened down with nuts.

Once the boobams were attached and mounted, and old calfskin bass drum head was cut into smaller circles to be soaked and applied to the pipe with Gorilla Glue. The pipe clamp held the head in place while the glue dried. The clamps could have been removed, but for added insurance they were left on.

Once the heads were mounted, glued and dried, the excess skin was cut off. This dried calfskin can be very hard and sharp if handled. These drums sounded great once finished. The only thing that would be suggested to do differently next time is the mounting system. This particular system design was hard to install and it is not possible to move the drums to different positions. If done again, pipe clamps could be attached to a wood block on all 4 sides and clamped around the tube. These drums can be seen at YouTube.

To see the newest style of Boobams and mounting systems, please visit the DK Percussion Facebook Page!


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