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Linked below are some picture galleries and explainations of projects I've worked on in the past. If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them at

Current project: Custom Chain Timpani

Black and Gold finish brass snare and Calfskin heads
DK Percussion custom snare drum - 1920's Slingerland inspiration
Cracked Bongo shells fixed and pictures of Evolution Series timpani mallets
Walter Light Timpani Master Tuning Handle Addition
Jenco Vibraphone Restoration and updating
Anheier timpani bowl stripping refinishing

Past Portfolio:
Musser M-55 Vibraphone Motor replacement and modifications
Refurbishing Projects (Rogers, Gretsch, Ludwig)
Custom Drums (Boobams, Snare Drum)
Timpani Bowl Replacement - Project Frank(enstein)


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