Examples of Drum Refurbishing

Below are some examples of personal drums refurbished to a usable and presentable condition.

Rogers "Wayport" Model Parade Snare Drum:

This drum had 5 layers of different colors of paints on it. Most of the long tension rods were also bent beyond use. The top hoop was cracked and the plies were separating.


After removing all of the paint to expose the 15x12" mahogany shell, cleaning the chrome and straightening the rods, the drum and hoops were refinished. The hoop had the cracks and splits repaired. New heads were added and this drum sounds great.

1960's Gretsch Round Badge Orange Sparkle Parade Snare Drum

There was not much work needed on this drum. All that was needed was some chrome and shell cleaning. In addition, the seam of the wrap was re glued.


After cleaning it up, adding new heads and coated cable snares, this 14x10" drum sounded great. Eventually the top head was replaced with a Earthtone skin drumhead. This drum can be seen being played online at YouTube.


1965 Black Oyster Pearl Ludwig Drum Set
Unfortunately this drum set never had a chance to get a "before" photo. However, prior to its refurbishing, it was missing all the bottom hoops, including the bass drum. The 12" tom was in original condition with the date still stamped inside. The 14" has the original paint, however the date was rubbed off. It sings like a timpani! The 20" bass drum was painted black on the inside over top of the screws. After removing the layers of paint and repainting the inside white, the drum was almost done. A 20" Ludwig vintage hoop was found and repainted. (It later received a BOP inlay.) The rail mount for the tom was rebuilt and hardware was procured through a friend. This set came together in less than a week's time! This extremely collectable kit is NOT for sale.

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