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Image of Timpani Tuning Gauge Indicator Bolts

Timpani Tuning Gauge Indicator Bolts

$9.00 ea

A: 32
B: 18
C: 46
D: 36
E: 27
F: -2
G: 49
Dot: 20
F: Backordered.
Current processing time is approximately 4 days

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CNC machined from solid stainless steel. Will never rub off or break.
7/16" round head, fits Ludwig and other 3/16" spaced rails.

Includes custom machined 3/8" dia. brass thumb nut, nylon and spring washers.

Recommended standard orders (click to fill form):
Set of 2 Set of 4 Set of 5

Product FAQ

What do they fit?+

Our custom machined tuning indicator bolts will fit any rails with a 3/16” spacing. Ludwig makes their rails slightly smaller, and our bolts are design to fit those while in the “above pedal” orientation.
Other brands that the bolts can fit: Yamaha (tight quarters), RePercussion, American Drum Manufacturing Company/Lights. If using Lights with a 1/4” spacing, please Contact us to setup a gauge modification or to get directions for the mod.

How do you install these?+

Put the bolt into the rail, attach the nylon washer UNDER the rail, followed by spring washer and brass nut. Crimp bottom threads with pliers to prevent hardware loss.

How can I keep the hardware from falling off the bolts?+

We suggest one of two methods: crimp the last few threads with pliers, or put a dot of glue/Loctite on the end of each bolt.

Do you have extra brass nuts, nylon washers, and/or spring washers for sale?+

If you’re missing some of these parts, please Contact us and we’ll sort it out!

Tax Exempt?+

Please email us at [email protected] or Contact us to set up your tax exemption status BEFORE ordering.

What’s a suggested order or range?+

For Ludwig, a typical recommendation would be:

32: D-A, plus a Dot for Bb.
29: F-C, plus a Dot for Bb, and optional D.
26: Dot (Bb), C-F. There usually isn’t enough spacing for the B to C to fit.
23: D-A, plus a Dot for Bb.
20: F-C

Set of 2: A: 1, B: 1, C, 2, D: 1, E: 1, F: 2. G: 1, Dot: 2 Fill Form

Set of 4: A: 3, B: 1, C: 2, D: 3, E: 3, F: 4, G: 3, Dot: 4 Fill Form

Set of 5: A: 4, B: 2, C: 3, D: 3, E: 3, F: 5, G: 4, Dot: 4 Fill Form

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